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2023-04-26 test story
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Realtime collaborative Jupyter notebooks, LaTeX, Markdown, and Linux with GPUs

Extensive Generative AI Integration

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A wide range of Generative AI Large Language Models are highly integrated into TestCalc. This helps you fix errors, generate code or LaTeX snippets, summarize documents, and much more.

Many Programming Languages

print('Welcome to CoCalc from Sage!', factor(2024))
TestCalc supports many programming languages. Edit the demo cell on the left and evaluate it by pressing "Run". You can also select a different "kernel", i.e. the programming language that is used to evaluate the cell.

Realtime Collaboration Using Your Favorite Tools

Two browser windows editing the same Jupyter notebook
With TestCalc, you can easily collaborate with colleagues, students, and friends to edit computational documents. We support Jupyter Notebooks, LaTeX files, SageMath Worksheets, Computational Whiteboards, and much more. We have an open world approach giving users as much flexibility in choosing software and hardware as possible.
You and your collaborators use the same per-project environment, which provides consistent results, synchronized file changes, and automatic revision history so that you can go back in time when you need to discover what changed and when. You can even publish your TestCalc creations to share with anyone via the built-in share server.
Forget the frustration of sending files back and forth between your collaborators, wasting time reviewing changes, and merging documents. Get started with TestCalc today.

Jupyter, SageMath, LateX, and Linux

Jupyter logo

Jupyter Notebooks

CoCalc's own Jupyter Notebook implementation offers realtime synchronization, TimeTravel, automatic grading, side chat, and more.
SageMath sticker logo

Sage Worksheets

Sage Worksheets are similar to Jupyter Notebooks, but made to work well with SageMath. They offer a single-document model that scales to large documents and integrated 3d graphics.
LaTeX Logo

LaTeX\LaTeX Editor

A full LaTeX\LaTeXeditor supporting preview rendering, forward/inverse search, error reporting, and much more.
Tux Linux Penguin

Linux Terminal

The very sophisticated collaborative Linux Terminal makes you incredibly productive. Many programming languages and hundreds of tools are available at your fingertips in a full Ubuntu Linux environment.

Integrated Course Management System

Two browser windows editing the same Jupyter notebook
You can think of TestCalc as virtual computer lab in the cloud. It takes away the pain of teaching scientific software.
Hassle-free assignments: TestCalc keeps all files well organized! Due to real-time synchronization you never have to deal with multiple versions of the same file. There is even support for automated grading via NBGrader.
Pre-installed Software like in a computer lab, all software you need is already installed and ready to use.
Real-time Collaboration allows you to virtually look students over their shoulders. You can check their work directly and help them by editing the file or using side-chat communication.

Much More …

Available Software

TestCalc comes with a variety of software pre-installed, includingPython, SageMath, R and Julia . You can install additional software directly in your project as well.

Computational Whiteboard

Use a full featured collaborative whiteboard – with support for Jupyter notebook cells – to express and share your ideas.

Feature Overview

TestCalc offers a variety of features to make your life easier. You can find a list of all features here.


Online Service with GPUs

You can start using TestCalc online for free today. Create an account, open your trial project and start exploring TestCalc.
Upgrade your projects to unlock internet access, better hosting quality, and other upgrades by purchasing a license or upgrade via pay-as-you-go and use GPUs and HPC resources via compute servers!

Teach a Course

You can teach a course on TestCalc online!
The course license options are very flexible: they range from small professional training up to large university courses. The students can pay TestCalc directly, or you can pay on their behalf, and it is easy to change a license at any time if you need more resources or the number of students changes.


It is very easy to run TestCalc on your own computer or cluster. The available options are:
  1. Make your computer available in a TestCalc project via an on-prem compute server.
  2. Deploy a highly scalable variant of TestCalc on your Kubernetes cluster via cocalc-cloud.