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Meet Harald Schilly.

Harald with his dog.
Harald Schilly, CTO
Chief Technology Officer at SageMath, Inc.
At SageMath, Inc., Harald assumes the role of a tech torchbearer, evaluating new technologies and implementing various libraries for CoCalc projects. His relentless efforts translate into the seamless front-end and back-end software development and maintenance for Sage and CoCalc alike.
Harald isn’t all work, though. He savors his free time by reconnecting with nature and playing maestro in the kitchen, whipping up enticing Italian meals like pasta, pizza, and lasagna. Additionally, he is an enthusiast of Bitcoin and its cryptic brethren.
Reach out to chat more about his projects or for advice on the perfect marinara sauce.


Harald’s life-long dedication to coding and his profound knowledge and dynamic personality have been invaluable in shaping CoCalc’s operations and success.
A software maestro, Harald discovered his passion for coding in his teenage years, experimenting with QBasic on the Microsoft Disk Operating System and advancing onto Turbo Pascal, Visual Basic, Java, and C, among others.
During his studies in Applied Mathematics with a focus on Optimization, he deepened his understanding of the intricate workings of algorithms. As a result, he embraced Java, Python, and later JavaScript as his go-to coding languages. All the while, Harald became a key contributor to the SageMath open-source mathematics software – a testament to his dedication to broadening the horizons of technology and innovation.
Beyond academia, Harald began crafting software solutions for various industry needs. After obtaining his Master’s degree, he embarked on a Ph.D. journey at the University of Vienna while teaching Linux system administration and introducing Python to the undergraduates. Fueled by his passion for industry-relevant solutions, he soon founded his own company.
Fast forward to 2015, Harald became instrumental in CoCalc’s ascent. His role demanded in-depth understanding of Software Engineering, Linux administration, system monitoring, and oversight of the entire Kubernetes cluster. Harald’s responsibilities didn’t just stop there: he managed a towering stack of pre-installed open-source software across all CoCalc projects – a role he fulfills with gusto.

Previous Experience

  • Self-Employed · 2015-present

    IT Consultant
  • Sage Open-Source Mathematical Software System · 2007-present

  • University of Vienna · 2006-2014

    Mathematician, Faculty of Mathematics
  • DAGOPT Optimization Technologies GmbH · 2011-2012

    Research and Development
  • University of Vienna · 1999-2012

    Mag. rer. nat. Mathematics
  • University of Vienna · 1999-2008

    M.S. Mathematics