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Meet Blaec Bejarano.

A portrait of Blaec looking amiable.
Blaec Bejarano, CSO
Chief Sales Officer at SageMath, Inc.
If you would like to discuss computational applied mathematics, software development/integration opportunities, or possible partnerships with SageMath, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Blaec via email at [email protected]!
Blaec is passionate about implementing data-driven decision-making in government, industry, and academia and his advocacy exemplifies his research interests — applied mathematics and numerical modeling of geophysical phenomena.
His dedication to academic communities is evident through his past roles, notably as the Student Chapter Secretary of the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics. Now, it’s hard to even name a community he’s not involved in after participating in 30 conferences during 2023.


Graduating in 2021 with an M.S. in Mathematics from Oregon State University, Blaec’s academic expertise are focused on applying numerical analysis and partial differential equations to model physical phenomena.
Blaec’s foundation in modern teaching methods - gained through his years as a teaching assistant and instructor - complements his current role at SageMath, where his responsibilities span from increasing CoCalc’s user base through innovative market penetration strategies to social media/advertising campaigns. Moreover, Blaec drives opportunities for CoCalc by demonstrating the platform’s most recent features via live demos at premier conferences like the International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ICIAM) and the International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML).
Beyond academic spheres, Blaec is actively engaged in several industry and business societies, including the Seattle Chamber of Commerce, the National Small Business Association Leadership Technology Council, and open-source technology/startup communities like NumFocus and Startup Grind. Blaec directs corporate alliances among his many roles, leading the bid to fuse other proprietary software like MATLAB into the open-source ecosystem.
Even amidst his busy schedule, Blaec finds time for adventure and creativity. Lovingly known as one of the SageMath resident mountaineers, Blaec often scales the Cascade volcanoes of the Pacific Northwest (and can otherwise be found at home writing songs alongside his cat Fushigi).

Previous Experience

  • Cascade Enrichment · 2022

  • Oregon State University · 2019-2021

    Instructor of Record
  • Oregon State University · 2018-2021

    Graduate Teaching Assistant
  • Oregon State University · 2018-2021

    M.S. Mathematics
  • University of West Florida · 2013-2017

    B.A. History, B.S. Mathematics