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Meet Andrey Novoseltsev.

A portrait of Andrey smiling.
Andrey Novoseltsev, COO
Chief Operations Officer at SageMath, Inc.
As Chief Operating Officer, Andrey keeps a keen eye on financial aspects of the company to ensure everything is in order while looking for insights to drive the company’s growth. If you need custom quotes and special care for your purchasing orders and invoices, Andrey is always happy to help you!
Apart from his efforts in SageMath, Inc. Andrey is a dedicated father of two adorable daughters and strives to instill in them love for hiking in the mountains (and perhaps even backpacking!). He enjoys learning about global geopolitical perspectives and taking into account wood grain irregularities using hand tools.


Andrey went through graduate school as a student and then an instructor in Russia, USA, and Canada. With an interest in software development starting with early childhood experience on Soviet ES EVM, he used SageMath extensively both in his Ph.D. research and teaching.
Together with Volker Braun (long term release manager of SageMath), Andrey has implemented a framework for computations with toric varieties and Calabi-Yau varieties in them, fixing various bugs and making improvements in other areas of SageMath along the way.
Andrey was one of the early adopters of SageMathCell and its interacts, writing many of them for courses on differential equations and multivariate calculus. He set up dedicated servers for his classes and when the original lead of SageMathCell (Jason Grout) was switching to other endeavours, it was natural for Andrey to pick up the project.
As another direction of integrating SageMath into teaching, Andrey has developed a module for interactive learning of intricacies of the simplex method in optimization, which eventually grew into supporting group homework assignments and exams for that course. That experience was instrumental in understanding the importance of tools like CoCalc to smoothly support instructors in using Python notebooks for teaching.

Previous Experience

  • Self-Employed · 2019-present

    Insurance Agent
  • SageMath · 2014-present

    SageMathCell Maintainer and Lead Developer
  • SageMath · 2006-present

  • University of Alberta · 2011-2016

  • University of Alberta · 2011

    Ph.D. in Mathematics