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OpenAI ChatGPT

ChatGPT in CoCalc
ChatGPT in a CoCalc

OpenAI's ChatGPT is a large language model capable of generating human-like responses and code based on various prompts and queries. CoCalc integrates ChatGPT as a virtual assistant to provide coding help, error fixing, and code generation, making it easier for users to work with various programming languages.

Help with coding

  • ChatGPT understands most programming languages.
  • Based on your input, it can generate code for you.
  • It is able to interpret error messages and give suggestions.
  • Fixes code, by modifying a snippet of code of yours.
  • Virtual assistant

  • ChatGPT provides virtual assistance, helping you fix bugs, and understand and write code. It supports all programming languages and is easy to use with the click of a button.
  • You can also ask it to add documentation to code.
  • Complete code based on existing code and an instruction.
  • Integrations of ChatGPT in CoCalc

    There are various places where ChatGPT appears in CoCalc, as illustrated below and explained in the docs.

    Help fixing code

    ChatGPT explains an error message and fixes code
    In this example, a code cell in a Jupyter Notebook returned an error. Clicking the botton to explain the error message creates a message addressed to ChatGPT, which asks for help and to fix the code.
    With enough context – the few lines of input code and the lines in the stacktrace – it will attempt to fix the code for you. The fix might not be perfect, but it can be a good starting point.

    Mention @chatgpt in any Chatroom in CoCalc

    ChatGPT generates code in a chatroom
    Here, a user learning PyTorch asks ChatGPT by mentioning @chatgpt in a Side Chat. The prompt is:
    multiply two random matrices in pytorch
    Sure enough, ChatGPT generates code that does exactly that. By copying that simple example into your Jupyter Notebook, the user can immediately run it and continue to play around with it.
    Running code snippet generated by ChatGPT

    Generating Code

    ChatGPT generates c++ code in a file
    ChatGPT can also help you with plain text source code files. In the example on the left, an empty learning.cpp C++ file is shown. The ChatGPT dialog shows the prompt to generate a simple code example:
    generate a short c++ program, which counts from 0 to 100 and prints each line, which is divisible by 7
    This is all it needs to generate a complete C++ program. Use the Frame Editor's Terminal to compile and run it on the spot!
    Running code snippet generated by ChatGPT
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